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Ep. 27 – Building Community on Your Team

It’s a privilege to come together as a team to do the work of ministry. On today’s podcast, Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin share ways to help create a close community among the team and to help members feel appreciated.

Ep. 10 – Running Rehearsals

Rehearsal is such an important time of the week for the worship team as you prepare for your upcoming service. Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin will offer some ideas to help you conduct a productive rehearsal, no mater what your team size. Remember to use your – and everyone else’s – time effectively, and that…
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Ep. 5 – Is This Person Right for My Team?

Whether you’re stepping in to lead an existing worship team or building a new one, Jason and Care will help you evaluate who should be on the team and who shouldn’t be.

Ep. 4 – Build Ministry. Build People. CAPITALYZE

Jason and Care walk through a process for discerning God’s call to ministry and the importance of investing in your people. (Recorded at CAPITALYZE 2019 – a city-wide conference to inspire church, ministry, and marketplace leaders for Kingdom impact.)

Ep 3. – The Recruitment Process

When it comes to adding new team members, every church and worship leader has their own process. Establish a process you can defer to. It will help you now and protect you in the long-run.