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Ep. 36 – Covid Check-In: Wins & Challenges

The situation as it relates to what is, and what is not permitted for worship services is constantly changing and varies from city to city. On today’s episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Care Baldwin and Jason McNabb each share one win and one challenge they are currently facing in their worship ministry.(To attend the…
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Ep. 35 – Managing Energy While Leading Through Crisis

In these days, we have been forced to recalibrate our lives while continuing to lead. Changes to home dynamics, “Zoom fatigue” and keeping up with the ever-changing situation in our communities can wear us out and take a toll on our wellbeing. On today’s Core Worship Podcast, Jason and Care talk about how to guard yourself from burnout…
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Ep. 34 – Going Digital

While restrictions on public gatherings are in place due to the Covid-10 pandemic, churches are implementing new methods for their worship services. In today’s episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Care Baldwin shares her team’s experience learning how to provide worship from home.

Ep. 32 – Three Keys For a Worship Leader’s Prayer Life

The demand and importance of ministry puts pressures on those who are engaged in the work, which is why it’s important to have a healthy prayer life. On today’s Core Worship Podcast, Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin share three keys to help you develop your prayer life – individually, and for congregational or team use.

Ep. 31 – When the Pastor Plays a Larger Role, with guest Pastor Ben Jolliffe

On today’s Core Worship Podcast, Care and Jason are joined by Ben Jolliffe, lead pastor of Resurrection Church. Ben also serves as the worship director providing oversight to the overall worship experience. They discuss liturgy, communicating with worship team members, and his leadership style.

Ep. 26 – In-Ear Monitors

On today episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Care Baldwin and Jason McNabb discuss the use of in-ear monitors. This conversation will hopefully answer some questions that you might be asking and maybe even help you decide whether or not transitioning to in-ear monitors is right for your worship setting.

Ep. 25 – New Year: Setting Ministry Goals

On the first podcast episode of 2020, Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin share goal-setting criteria that you can apply to your ministry as you cast vision and plan for the year ahead.

Ep. 24 – Sending Your Star People to a New Church Plant, with guest Sarah Gutknecht

Care Baldwin and Jason McNabb are joined on this week’s Podcast episode by Sarah Gutknecht, a local worship leader of new church plant WestVillage Church. They discuss how it affected the church she left as well as what she was able to offer to a church community and worship ministry starting at ground level.