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Ep. 36 – Covid Check-In: Wins & Challenges

The situation as it relates to what is, and what is not permitted for worship services is constantly changing and varies from city to city. On today’s episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Care Baldwin and Jason McNabb each share one win and one challenge they are currently facing in their worship ministry.(To attend the…
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Ep. 35 – Managing Energy While Leading Through Crisis

In these days, we have been forced to recalibrate our lives while continuing to lead. Changes to home dynamics, “Zoom fatigue” and keeping up with the ever-changing situation in our communities can wear us out and take a toll on our wellbeing. On today’s Core Worship Podcast, Jason and Care talk about how to guard yourself from burnout…
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Ep. 28 – Tips for Leading with a Small Team

You may have recently lost some members of your team or you may be starting a brand new worship ministry at your church… Whatever your reason for working with a small team, Care and Jason will help you assess your resources and encourage you to maximize your strengths so you can minister effectively.

Ep. 27 – Building Community on Your Team

It’s a privilege to come together as a team to do the work of ministry. On today’s podcast, Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin share ways to help create a close community among the team and to help members feel appreciated.

Ep. 19 – Church Tech: Taking Your Ministry to the Next Level, with guest Chris Wyllie

Chris Wyllie has 20 years of ministry experience serving on worship teams and as a Producer and Tech/Media team leader. On this episode of the Core Worship Podcast, he provides practical resources that worship leaders can share with their tech teams on Best Practices and industry standards when it comes to church tech.

Ep. 17 – Debrief: The Measure of a Service

How intentional are you about measuring how you’re doing in your services? On today’s episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin discuss the Why and the How of the valuable practice of doing a debrief for your services.

Ep. 16 – Sharing the Load

As leaders our ego can sometimes get in the way and we think we’re irreplaceable. But that’s not the right perspective when it comes to ministry. This is not like some workplaces where it’s “every man for himself”, this is about God’s Kingdom and multiplying disciples. In this episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Care and…
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Ep. 13 – Going Beyond the Song

Choosing the right songs in a service isn’t the only way to lead the congregation in worship. On today’s episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Care and Jason discuss other effective elements of corporate worship such as Call to Worship, Prayer, Scripture Readings, Creeds, and Confession–Assurance. Choosing the right songs in a service isn’t the…
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