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Ep. 35 – Managing Energy While Leading Through Crisis

In these days, we have been forced to recalibrate our lives while continuing to lead. Changes to home dynamics, “Zoom fatigue” and keeping up with the ever-changing situation in our communities can wear us out and take a toll on our wellbeing. On today’s Core Worship Podcast, Jason and Care talk about how to guard yourself from burnout…
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Ep. 33 – 3 Reminders for Virtual Worship Ministry

In these days of uncertainty and change, the global church is stepping up with new ways of providing a place of belonging and hope online. On today’s episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin share three things to keep in mind as worship leaders adjust how they do ministry. 

Ep. 31 – When the Pastor Plays a Larger Role, with guest Pastor Ben Jolliffe

On today’s Core Worship Podcast, Care and Jason are joined by Ben Jolliffe, lead pastor of Resurrection Church. Ben also serves as the worship director providing oversight to the overall worship experience. They discuss liturgy, communicating with worship team members, and his leadership style.

Ep. 22 – New Songs Making Waves

Today on the Core Worship Podcast, Care and Jason take some time to mention some of the newer songs that they are using in their ministries. These are songs that their congregations are connecting with and might be familiar to you, while others you may have never heard before.  

Ep. 10 – Running Rehearsals

Rehearsal is such an important time of the week for the worship team as you prepare for your upcoming service. Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin will offer some ideas to help you conduct a productive rehearsal, no mater what your team size. Remember to use your – and everyone else’s – time effectively, and that…
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