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Ep. 12 – Interview with Pat Barrett

On today’s episode of the Core Worship Podcast, listen to Care Baldwin’s interview with worship leader and songwriter Pat Barrett (Good Good Father, Build My Life). He shares the importance of being prepared, constantly growing in God, giving opportunities to young worship leaders, and valuable lessons he’s learned from his failures.

Ep. 11 – Where to Find Song Charts

Whether or not you have a music theory background and can transpose/re-arrange/write-up your own charts, there should be a starting point. In this episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Care and Jason offer some resources for finding worship song charts at your fingertips. (A few mentioned are: PraiseCharts.com, LifewayWorship Resources, CCLI Song Select, WeAreWorship.com, WorshipTogether.com…
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Ep. 10 – Running Rehearsals

Rehearsal is such an important time of the week for the worship team as you prepare for your upcoming service. Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin will offer some ideas to help you conduct a productive rehearsal, no mater what your team size. Remember to use your – and everyone else’s – time effectively, and that…
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Ep. 9 – Assessing Your Song List

There are a host of factors at play when it comes to choosing songs for your worship services. Every church has its own heritage and culture and in today’s episode, Care Baldwin and Jason McNabb suggest ‘filters’ to help you decide which songs you should (or should not) sing. Does it fit the style of…
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Ep. 8 – How To Engage the Congregation

Care and Jason provide some suggestions on how to get more involvement from your congregation.

Ep. 7 – Working with The Pastor

Care Baldwin and Jason McNabb share why it’s important to have a healthy relationship with your Pastor, and how you can improve your working partnership to better serve your church.

Ep 3. – The Recruitment Process

When it comes to adding new team members, every church and worship leader has their own process. Establish a process you can defer to. It will help you now and protect you in the long-run.

Ep. 2 – Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Jason and Care help worship leaders understand how being part of God’s Story should shape our approach to ministry.

Ep. 1 – The Heart & Vision of Core Worship

Core Worship: Encouraging and Equipping Worship Leaders for Meaningful Kingdom Ministry. Care and Jason share why it’s important to connect with like-minded leaders and ‘spur’ one another on. (Hebrews 10:24-25)