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Ep. 6 – Crucial Conversations

Don’t be afraid to have the Crucial Conversation… But, through prayer, discernment, and wise counsel, you may not need to ‘fire’ someone.

Ep. 5 – Is This Person Right for My Team?

Whether you’re stepping in to lead an existing worship team or building a new one, Jason and Care will help you evaluate who should be on the team and who shouldn’t be.

Ep. 4 – Build Ministry. Build People. CAPITALYZE

Jason and Care walk through a process for discerning God’s call to ministry and the importance of investing in your people. (Recorded at CAPITALYZE 2019 – a city-wide conference to inspire church, ministry, and marketplace leaders for Kingdom impact.)

Ep 3. – The Recruitment Process

When it comes to adding new team members, every church and worship leader has their own process. Establish a process you can defer to. It will help you now and protect you in the long-run.

Ep. 2 – Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Jason and Care help worship leaders understand how being part of God’s Story should shape our approach to ministry.

Ep. 1 – The Heart & Vision of Core Worship

Core Worship: Encouraging and Equipping Worship Leaders for Meaningful Kingdom Ministry. Care and Jason share why it’s important to connect with like-minded leaders and ‘spur’ one another on. (Hebrews 10:24-25)