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Ep. 26 – In-Ear Monitors

On today episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Care Baldwin and Jason McNabb discuss the use of in-ear monitors. This conversation will hopefully answer some questions that you might be asking and maybe even help you decide whether or not transitioning to in-ear monitors is right for your worship setting.

Ep. 25 – New Year: Setting Ministry Goals

On the first podcast episode of 2020, Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin share goal-setting criteria that you can apply to your ministry as you cast vision and plan for the year ahead.

Ep. 24 – Sending Your Star People to a New Church Plant, with guest Sarah Gutknecht

Care Baldwin and Jason McNabb are joined on this week’s Podcast episode by Sarah Gutknecht, a local worship leader of new church plant WestVillage Church. They discuss how it affected the church she left as well as what she was able to offer to a church community and worship ministry starting at ground level. 

Ep. 23 – Emotionally Healthy Worship, with Brian Doerksen

On today’s episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Jason has a conversation with one of the most influential songwriters in contemporary Christian worship music Brian Doerksen. They discuss his upcoming Christmas project, mentoring and teaching worship leaders, the importance of singing songs that the church needs and how culture is shaped song-by-song.

Ep. 22 – New Songs Making Waves

Today on the Core Worship Podcast, Care and Jason take some time to mention some of the newer songs that they are using in their ministries. These are songs that their congregations are connecting with and might be familiar to you, while others you may have never heard before.  

Ep. 21 – Ideas for Christmas

For worship leaders, planning for Christmas begins months in advance as it’s the church’s highest-attending service of the year. On this week’s Core Worship Podcast, Care and Jason offer some thoughtful ways to help you think through and prepare your worship & arts ministry for this important season.

Ep. 20 – Introducing New Songs

Incorporating new music in your church can be such a great thing, but there can be challenges. In this episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Care Baldwin and Jason McNabb share some strategies that will help that new song go over well with the congregation.

Ep. 19 – Church Tech: Taking Your Ministry to the Next Level, with guest Chris Wyllie

Chris Wyllie has 20 years of ministry experience serving on worship teams and as a Producer and Tech/Media team leader. On this episode of the Core Worship Podcast, he provides practical resources that worship leaders can share with their tech teams on Best Practices and industry standards when it comes to church tech.

Ep. 18 – Working As One: Relating with Your Tech Team , with guest Chris Wyllie

Worship leaders and Tech teams have to work together towards a shared vision and goal. On today’s podcast, Care and Jason talk with Chris Wyllie, Producer and Tech/Media team leader at Sequoia Church with 20 years of worship ministry experience, on the importance of understanding and relating with your Tech Team.

Ep. 17 – Debrief: The Measure of a Service

How intentional are you about measuring how you’re doing in your services? On today’s episode of the Core Worship Podcast, Jason McNabb and Care Baldwin discuss the Why and the How of the valuable practice of doing a debrief for your services.